In The White Room (bottledbubbles) wrote in fotoshots,
In The White Room

Favorite Part(s)

This is a picture of an old homemade doll that my great aunt gave me. It's dirty 'cause of all the dust it's been around, and (as you can see) there's evidence of me plastering my walls. The pink will be gone soon, oh yes.

Of course, my computer. Also, my ash tray, various candles that aren't very clear, and my oil lamp. That little bit of color on my monitor is play-doh mushrooms of various mixed colors. There's a space for my webcam, which is currently residing in the living room.

I also have around 6 or 7 lamps in my room, but I rarely ever have any on. For some reason, I think lamps look nice. *shrugs*
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