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hello hello hello!!!

anyway, i am icezboo, one of the maintainers for this community. i hope we will see so many different pictures every sundays. :D
so, i better show picture of myself that was taken today. you guys may notice my red cheeks. yup. tanning.
i am addicted to tanning. :P
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Whoa, u def. really TANNED!!! Ur hair looks long now, probably same length as mine if I straight it. pftt!!!
im def really tanned??? nahh i need more tan.
yeah, im trying to keep my hair long... ughh....
Yeah, me 2. Growing like crazy. I feel like someday I just wanna 2 cut 'em short! :) But I'm thinkin' "No, be patient, let it grow as long as I wanna then I will love my hair" :)
Oh, by the way, u are really tanned enough, sooner or later u'll be cooked or fried. haha ;)
im going to get my hair trim then wont touch it for awhile.

and no, im not finished, im going to tan all week till i go to your house. :P
I need get trim as well. So my hair will grow faster & healthy. :)
Oh, lord, u will keep gettin' tanned? Bet u that when u come over 2 my house, my mom will say somethin' like "Oh, child, she fried herself badly, Napal, get here! keep ur poor friend in shade & away from the Sun!" lol :)
hahaha... i wanted to be fried cuz i dont want to be pale by october!!! hahaha

can't wait to meet ur mommie!!!
Yeah, u can be fried, just don't over-do it, a'ight? Coo', then.
I'm sure my mom will Love u!!!! :)
ur so funny. pfft.

yeaaa!!! i love meetin my friends' mommies. :P
It seems that I'm the only guy in here.
nah ur not only one. zylerbo involves too.
u gotta to spread this community to your friends then.
lol...yes. i know he was in here. i'll say it again, i'm STILL the only guy :-p haha jk.

i will gather some friends.
and u havent post a pix of u... do it!!! ;D
aww...i don't feel like it :-\ i will when im in the mood. i shall be the mysterious moderator. everyone wants to know who i am. it's intriguing.
pfft... u suck.
check out my recent post, it's good.
im goin to check it soon since i just posted my entry.